Eric Marsh, Ph.D.

About me

I am a Virtual Reality (VR) Project Engineer at ESI North America, working on-site at Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation (a Lockheed Martin company). In this role, I support Sikorsky's use of ESI's IC.IDO software and handle the day-to-day operation of the VR Center. We use IC.IDO to conduct virtual design reviews to confirm that a product can be assembled and maintained before actually sending it to the shop floor. Last year, I oversaw a major remodel of the VR Center, including a new powerwall and a bunch of associated facilities work. I have also been involved in some projects involving ESI's other customers in the automotive and marine industries.

For the past two semesters, I have also taught an online section of Java II for Three Rivers Community College in Norwich, CT.

Before all of this, I worked for several years as an academic researcher. My research interests are at the intersection of virtual reality (VR), human–computer interaction (HCI), and cognitive psychology. I've generally studied human subjects in VR systems, often specifically focusing on virtual locomotion interfaces. I've investigated questions related to the perceptual and cognitive impacts of technology decisions, focusing not only on a user's ability to use an interface but also on problems with concurrent tasks competing for cognitive resources.

My primary hobbies are traveling, wine tasting, and photography (with a DSLR and my old Nikon F). I have a background in website design, I try my best at Ubuntu webserver administration, and I am passionate about privacy, security, and legal implications of technology (you will find no tracking code here; also notice the https).

Eric Marsh in WalesEric Marsh using VARI3 at Futur en SeineEric Marsh in Virtusphere