Eric Marsh, Ph.D.

About me

My research is at the intersection of virtual reality (VR), human–computer interaction (HCI), and cognitive psychology. I generally study human subjects in VR systems, and I have often specifically focused on virtual locomotion interfaces. I investigate questions related to the perceptual and cognitive impacts of technology decisions, focusing not only on a user's ability to use an interface but on problems with concurrent tasks competing for cognitive resources.

I am currently a post-doctoral researcher at Institut Image in Chalon-sur-Saône, France. My present research involves the use of a handheld tablet to interact with virtual car designs in an immersive CAVE system.

My primary hobbies are traveling, wine tasting (we live in Burgundy, afterall), and photography (with a DSLR and my old Nikon F). I have a background in website design, I try my best at Ubuntu webserver administration, and I am passionate about privacy, security, and legal implications of technology (you will find no tracking code here; also notice the https). Finally, I am currently pursuing the important goal of eating every cheese on the Wikipedia List of French cheeses.

Eric Marsh in WalesEric Marsh in C6 CAVEEric Marsh in Virtusphere